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AcE Craft helps in research CoViD19, are you helping too?

We hope for everyone to stay healthy and to keep in contact with friends and family (digitally) to fight loneliness. Call your parents and elderly! ;)

Beside making the Free and Open-Source "Next Towel" for improving hygiene in homes,

AcE Craft is also helping research for CoVid 19.

We have put all our servers and computers into the Folding@Home super-computer network, which is now doing calculations for researchers researching the CoViD19 virus.

Folding@Home is an initiative where people around the world join their own computers in a virtual network, sharing calculation power to solve complex calculations. To get an idea of its size and power, thet fastest supercomputer (3-2020) is called "Summit" and has ~150 petaFlops (calculations per second). Folding at Home used to be around 40 petaFlops. But thanks to peoples interest in helping to find solutions against CoViD19 people are now massively sharing and joining the Folding@Home initiative with there own computers. Folding@Home is now breaking record after record, being the first to achieve a speed over 1 exaFlop (1000 petaFlops). Making it 10x as fast as Summit.

Example video of a computed results leading to visualization of CoViD19 protein shape and behavior.

Want to help too?

Donate your idle or even full computer power. Go to the Download page of Folding@Home and download the application.

Power Usage

Our power usage has grown of course, but the sun is helping through our 31 solar-panels

giving us more then enough for doing the calculations, thanks sun! The peak drops down as no new calculation challenges where available anymore.

Folding@Home can't keep up.

Since the popularity explosion, the guy's from Folding@Home can't keep up with providing enough challenges and processing the returning calculated results. Currently Folding@Home has expanded their processing capability to make use of this extra calculation power.

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