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The Next Towel

The Next Towel

Note : On request I can include a given number of towels with this product, please contact me (




The towel solutions that gives people their preferred level of hygiene. Project started as our effort in helping to stay healthy during the CoViD19 periode.


Use Cases ( personallity's of users)


The impatient user :
Are you the type of guy that just doesn't care and dries his hands on what ever is in reach? No problem! The basket is made out of the original towel and ready to take care of your daring hands.


The socialist user :
Are you going to cook food or just want less chance of dirtying your hands on a shared towel? No problem! Take the joy of getting your own personal towel smoothly handed over to you. Simply pick the towel most appealing to you and rotate it, releasing it out of the rings without touching the 3D printed parts. So you won't leave bacteria and viruses for the next wet handed person and you won't get theirs. Need to leave the towel somewhere after you are done drying? We thought of that too! Just throw it in the basket made from your original towel.


The cleaner :
We even thought about the heroes doing the laundry of these re-usable personal towels. You can smoothly remove the whole towel bag by pulling it up by the clip and throw it in the washing machine, without touching any of the used towels. (Only use water and heat proof materials like PET printed clips for inside the washing machine! )


Towels :
Designed for towels of around ~3030cm (11.811.8").
You can also cut exiting towels to 30*30cm.
OR even better! Ask your family members to knit some custom towels!


Back story :
I wanted to try and design something that helps with hygiene in daily activities. We've brainstormed about what are the most not-hygiene things we touch every day. On top of our list was the shared towel commonly found in kitchens, toilets and small offices. We all share the same towel, some wash their hands better then others. Sometimes we even use it for things other then just drying hands. And let's be honest. when was the last time you've changed the towel? We've made a solution for this. We also wanted to keep some of its original recognizable shape,location and function for people who don't care as much or don't understand its function yet. (Think about kids, guests or elderly).


Open Source :

This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons (4.0 Internatlional License) - Attribution-ShareAlike

Want to make modifications? I made this an open-source product so it is free for anybody to use or redesign for there own needs. You can even 3D print it youself in you want, but keep in mind that my brain apparently needs food and a healthy environment in order to create this, make updates, and do more projects. So please leave a donation of any size you are willing to give in order to support more work on the download site :


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