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Dragon Egg - Ruby

Dragon Egg - Ruby

Commin Soon! 

(The pictures show only a first prototype. This will be updated when the first final version is made.)

In the first batch I will only be making 10 eggs. Please contect me if you are interested or want to pre-order so I can reserve one for you ( I'm also looking into options to allow for customer hidden messages on the product. I aim to finish the first batch of 10 by end of 10-2020. Pricing will be around €250 to €280



Dragon egg set : 

This puzzle box will be one out of a set that will be made over the comming time. Eache box will have there own elemental type.


Puzzle Type :
Unlike most puzzle boxes this box does not contain time consuming locks/mazes. When you know how to open it you can open it rather quickly. The challenge is in finding out how to open it for the first time. This makes the box usefull for storing special items after you know how to open it.


This box contains 3 mechanical lock elements and 2 hints on how to open it.


Storage dimentions : 

- ...x...x... (Length x Width x Height). (yet to come)

- micro SD-card storage.

- Ring presentation slot.


Example Uses Cases :

Excelent as gift for people going on a (long) trip. Giving a special ring to someone ;).  As game item (DND) that the party needs to open for real during sessions. Or just as decorative / collectors piece. 


Making off Video : 

< Video Comming, now Youtube Channel >




Hand Crafted item.




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