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Skate Everything Event

A "Serverboard" that lets you surf the real world.

Skate everything event in Rotterdam (The Netherlands). Event where people try to make the most crazy and origenal skateboards from random objects and try to skate them.

Since I was working in IT I thought it would be funny to go in style. I decided to turn the world around and wanted to use a server to surf the real world. (Instead of the world trying to surf around on the internet/servers).
I ended up creating a "serverboard".

To give the serverboard a feeling as if it was just ripped out of a datacenter I added some electronics and added cables that where ripped off. The original light (front and back) would actually work, the alarm light indicates an error, and there is a little alarm sound comming from the origenal internal speaker.

Though the server was not the safest and most easy to ska...euh... surf, people still found it worth the first prize!
Thanks everyone for the fun times and awesome skateboards that I saw that day.

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