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Ambient Control for 3D printers

Control ambient temperature in 3D printer enclosurs, and dry filament with waist heat.

This is for a learning/hobby building project to do precise temperature control in my 3D printed enclosure, while also using the (waste) heat to dry filament storage above.

The project was elaborate as I did all the different elements myself :

  • Setup project administration and PID.

  • Design the solution Conceptual, Functional and Technical designs.

  • Design all the 3D elements and 3D print or CNC them.

  • Design electronics and CNC my own pcb.

  • Design software requirements and build it in C++

  • Combine everything together and test and document improvements.

The setup I'm building uses just cheap continues rotating servo's and does end stop recognition by sensing changing current draw if servo is stalling.

Links :

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