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AcE Craft

Advancing Creative Engineering

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Advancing through Doing

I use my broad skill set to analyze challenges, find solutions and help bringing the solution into reality.

My focus is currently on Mechanics, Electronics, IT and Requirement Analysis. I also create Art to stay creative and to experiment.

Feel free to get in touch and discover what we can do for each other. Even just a chat to broaden our networks is welcome.

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I'm open to all kinds of activity's and services.
But to name a few beside 3D printing and repairs : 



More than just building

Prototyping is more than just building. It is the phase where we try to move an idea from paper into the real physics world.


With understanding of these challenges, a wide knowledge set to overcome them, and the skills and workplace to practice this knowledge I can help to get the most value out of prototypes.




Unusual mix of skillsets

The art I make often seems to have some technical/mechanical aspect to it. The broad interest in tech and skill sets makes for an unique type of art.


I find art to be an important part for advancement. It gives creators the freedom to experiment, perfect their skills, and show others what is possible and hopefully inspire them.

Beside my art in the shop, I also do art requests now and then for special occasions.



Young People at a Workshop

Move forward

I'm offering my insight and project experience to help advance projects or join in a co-creation.

Examples of areas I can help with :

  • divine possible roads to walk.

  • making a list of requirements.

  • get stranded projects back on track.

  • review and opinion on ideas.



Wouter Horselenberg

Willem Marislaan 6 Ede, The Netherlands

+31 652189062

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