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Complex line cover shapes

A full solution for excisting AC line covers facing complex shapes.

AcE Craft was requested to make a solution for exciting AC line covers that could not reache a desired level of finish and protection.

The solution needed to

  • Enable organic shapes

  • Dynamic (not ridgid but some play to shape it to the situation)

  • Good looking finish

  • Protect cables against the sun, water and physical contact

  • Match color of excisting AC line covers

  • Be placed AFTER installations (without cutting/re-doing cabeling)

We made a solution consiting out of a few segments that can be combined to make the most demanding turns. All segments consist out of 2 parts so it can be added on excisting installations easily. Most segments have a unique quick "click & lock" mechanic, only the connectors to excisting cable line covers need screws for quick and easy installation. There is place for a standaard electrical wire "spine" that helps holding all the segments during installation. We choose material from a dutch brand that could deliver a good looking, strong and durable for outside use prints. 

Update : After 3 years installations still look perfect and has been able to still look brand new through all weather conditions from these past years. Reactions on the finished looks are very positive. :)

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