Tent design "Zeeschildpad"

Tent design "Zeeschildpad" for the 65 year anniversary of De Waard.

This tent design is based on the request by customers to add a medium size tent to the collection based on the "Zeester" with certain requirements.
With this design I tried to answer to the demand that, I think, could be a great addition the collection of De Waard. Featered in requirements from customers: - Entry height for upright trespassinging (no need to bent) - inside high enough for upright walking (no need to bent) - Easy to setup and disassemble -  original "De Waard" looks - Concept based on the popular "Zeester" - vario canopy (vario luifel) - closable awning.
Other features: - Unique pole construction - Unique (water repelling) flat top design - strong design - option: table between poles - option: storage hammocks between poles - option: halo lamp around poles.

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